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The "English Riders" Derby Clutch


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 Our passion is unbridled when it comes to the "English Riders" Derby Clutch.

     We have fallen in love with the art on the front, which is vintage from the late 1800s. The other side is covered in a blackwatch plaid fabric with a brass crest ornament.

     The genuine cigar box has many of its original labels and brass hinges. The burnt bamboo handle is mounted with brass hardware, and an antique bronze clasp and purse feet have been added. A silky colorful skinny scarf dangles from the handle.

Perfectly made by a lady for ladies each bag comes with its own accessory pouch and a mirror inside.

Outer dimensions: 27cmx4.5cm x 15cm

Please note: English Riders is handmade in our design studio, and each one may have slight variations from what is pictured here. Varied artistic details add a unique charm to the clutch and are completely up to the designer's discretion at the time your bag is made. 

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