Custom Products

We have a huge range of custom products and a wonderful list of suppliers. If you want something special created just contact us .
Custom Products
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Custom Equine Gate Plates
Custom Towels - Wth your own racing colours
Bronze 3 Horse Rearing Fountain Statue
Bronze 2 Tiered Rearing Horses Fountain Statue
Racing Colours Bespoke Placemats
French Horses Lampshade
Navy Dressage Lampshade
Custom Equine Herbie Server
Bespoke Tray
Custom Racing Colours Glassware
Custom Etched Glasses
Bespoke Mugs - Racing Colours
Bespoke Door Mats
Bespoke Glasses - Racing Colours
Horses In Blankets Fabric & Wallpaper
Foals Fabric & Wallpaper
Pelham Fabric & Wallpaper
Horses Below Fabric & Wallpaper
Polo Ponies & Palms Fabric & Wallpaper
Polo Trellis Fabric & Wallpaper
Polo Ponies Fabric & Wallpaper
In Full Flight Fabric & Wallpaper
In The Paddock Fabric & Wallpaper
Bronze 2 Tiered Horse Fountain Statue