Traditional Style Trophies

Elevate the prestige of your equestrian events with our Traditional Style Trophies, designed exclusively for the noble spirit of horse competitions. Each trophy is a masterpiece, capturing the grace and power of these magnificent creatures, while embodying the timeless elegance of the equestrian tradition.

Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, our trophies become more than just awards—they're a symbol of excellence, a cherished keepsake that commemorates the bond between horse and rider.

Celebrate your champions with a trophy that reflects the honor and glory of their achievement, and let the legacy of your event be remembered through the unparalleled beauty of our traditional style trophies.

Traditional Style Trophies
77 results
Dressage Lady Ornament
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Race Horse
Wine Cooler Trophy
Rose Bowl Trophy
Rose Bowl Trophy
From $227.70
Budget Cups Trophies
Glass Peak Horse
Glass Peak Horse
From $35.78
Horse Mini Star Colour
Horse Black Timber
Horse Black Timber Spartan Crest
Glass Awards
Trophy Cup with Lid Base
Polished Steel Trophy Cup with Base & Lid
Timber Trophies
Wood Awards
Shield Glass Awards
Plaque Awards
Spartan Horse
Spartan Horse
From $12.28
Ventura Series Horse
Western Figure Trophy
Thoroughbred Figure Trophy
Show Jumping – Colour Polaris
Show Jumping Mini Star Colour
Solar Acrylic Trophy – Horse
Silver Torch Horse
Western Horse
Silver Standing Horse
Quarter Horse
Silver Horse
Perpetuals Trophy
Mini IKON Horse
Peak Horse
Peak Horse
From $14.28
Horse Shoe Mini Star Colour
Lynx Sentry Horse
Horse Spartan Glass
Horse Red Arrow
Horse Red Arrow
From $24.35
Horse Racing Timber Crest
77 results