Sponsorship is something we are always being asked for . We believe in supporting those who support us .
Sponsorship needs to be a two way agreement . We are asked to give something , money , product or vouchers.
A sponsorship agreement needs to work for both parties .We understand clubs and events work on tight budgets. 
As a small business the best way to help us is make a great agreement with us that gives back something we need . Useful and helpful promotions .
Tell people about us .
You know about us to be on our page reading about our sponsorship , we want and need as many as possible people to know about us , this is where you can help .
The following is the type of offers that are welcomed favourably with us when asking us for sponsorship. Most with little or no cost to the club or the event .
Social Media is a great way to support your sponsors .
A welcome on board post .
Ask your group to help you support your sponsors by asking them to 
1. Like & Share the post , the more this is done the more people will see the post and get to know about our business.
2. Tag friends in the post.
3.Visit our Facebook Page , like or follow the page , share it with friends  and invite them to like it too!
4. Use our business when they can.
5. Ask them to visit our website and sign up for our news letters
Photos of the winner of our class  with our our product , if product, is supplied.
This can easily be done with a phone and sent to us Via messenger .
Ask the winner to give us a thank you note, post or message.
A thank you post from the the club or event for our sponsorship.
Dont forget to tag us in all posts , so we see them and share your great event 
Another great way to help us is to do an email blast to all your members , we will happily supply the content .This is a plus to us for those who don't do social media .
PA announcement on the day , we are happy to supply content.
Tell your announcer which event or class we sponsor and ask them to mention us.
A Trade Stand at your event , if possible. If we can support your event by adding some atmosphere and giving your competitors and visitors some much loved retail therapy we will . If we do support your day please pop by with a cuppa or cold drink and a snack. This tiny gesture goes a long way . We are often offered invitations to sponsors tents or events which is lovely but not practical so save on the catering costs and bring us a simple refreshment to the stand.

Buy some products for your event for awards.
If you have purchased trophies from our range for your event we ask that our " Trophy Supplied By "card is with the relevant item. These cards will be supplied by us and will have our name on the backside , on the front will be a "Congratulations , with an area for you to supply the details of the person or company that has kindly donated the event can be placed .
Pop a paragraph in you schedule or catalogue  stating the trophies were supplied by Exclusively Equine, spread the love . This keeps our business ticking and us supporting you.
Our aim when your purchase products for your event is to help you make the trophy and event a positive experience for your sponsor .
Ask us to do up a presentation of ideas for your sponsors to choose something they would like to give the winner of their sponsored event . We are happy to assist you in making the event a great experience for all your sponsors. They are one of us so we know what gives them the appreciated feeling . We are always happy to work with you and all your budgets . We want your event to be a huge success.
Each and every event and sponsorship is different , the above is just some basic guidelines that would be great for us in a sponsorship proposal. All new ideas of how you can help us are welcomed.
Please keep in mind we are in QLD and make your proposal relevant to us and our location and business.
Cheers Quona 
If you would like Exclusively Equine to sponsor your clubs next event, please send in all your details using the below form: Download Form